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‘Glaxo offer a two-year management development programme for its graduate trainees. For the past 2 years, the company offered all its trainees the opportunity of attending a summer residential with Mango. The agreed purpose was twofold: as a personal development event, particularly focussing on self-awareness, team and relationship building; and secondly as a leadership development opportunity.

Around 40 people attended the programme – finding the experience enormously challenging and fulfilling. Being far from the normal convention of a management course, many spoke of the highly challenging, very real and powerfully motivating nature of the event. Experiential learning, most particularly in the territory of emotional intelligence are the strengths of the Mango’s community experience – in contrast to the more sterile, mostly cognitive and theory-based management courses that many are used to.
Jan Wing
Graduate Management Training Organiser, Glaxo SmithKline

‘Nothing quite prepared me for the impact that working with 15 boys from an inner city comprehensive would have. From when they arrived on Monday morning, looking like a group of streetwise kids who didn't seem interested, through to when 15 individuals left in tears on Friday, I learnt lesson after lesson about the way that I had been dealing with people.

Since returning to the office, it's been hard work, but very rewarding, putting some of those lessons into practice with those around me. There's a new level of trust and openness developing in my relationships in both my working and personal life. It is said that people don't leave jobs, they leave supervisors. Anyone who benefits from this week has an advantage in motivating, getting the best out of and retaining the people around them.’
Mike Roberts
Manager, Abatec, Andersens

‘Mercers is one of the top three pensions and actuarial companies in the UK. The company undertook a major Culture Change and Strategic Review programme in response to major changes in the UK market place and legislation.

Their challenge was to change work patterns and attitudinal mindsets that had been established through long years of practice in a stable market environment. Mango worked closely with the Senior Management team to shape the culture change programme, to challenge and change their own mindset and behaviours and to engage in a strategic review of their current and future positions. This was achieved through a combination of one-to-one coaching, large group facilitation and facilitation of the Senior Management group.

Mango also worked with teams where conflict, communication and issues of collaborative working were significant issues.’
Frank Oldham
Head of Westminster Practice, Mercer HR - UK retirement Practice

‘In many ways and at different levels the Mango experience was the most amazing week of my life. I learnt more about myself, my impact on other people and the power of a community/ organisation than all of the rest of my working life. By the third day I saw enormous potential in the boys and I became much more aware of their wonderful talents. By the end of the week I realised that this enormous sense of potential I saw in them, I was also seeing in my business. I suddenly felt liberated, free and full of possibility - in short, I felt I could fly.

The emotion of this unlocking in me and seeing the unlocking happening in the boys and the other delegates initially overwhelmed me. However, I took the Mango experience back to my business and personal life and I started to notice the changes in my effectiveness, relationships and sense of well being. My "old habits" and old ways are to a great extent gone and what disappeared with them were fear and pretence. I love the sense of freedom and possibility I now hold - I will never forget the Mango week and nor will the other people who were there.’
Pete Green,
Organisational Effectiveness Manager, Masterfoods (division of Mars UK Limited)

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