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Mango offers unique ways for businesses to combine two key objectives:

  • Community involvement for corporate social responsibility and staff engagement purposes
  • Breakthrough learning in leadership, communication and management development

We achieve this through bringing together radically different groups for day-long or week-long programmes.  Participants are challenged to work together to achieve shared practical objectives and transformational learning.  Working with support in unfamiliar circumstances allows group members to test and update their beliefs and behaviours, allowing for positive change.  Mango holds the event so as to ensure the balance of safety and challenge for everyone who takes part.

For corporate participants the development of leadership/management potential is often supported by 360º feedback, personal appraisals and one-to-one coaching.  Community participants are usually engaged in development programmes managed by schools or youth projects or by overarching schemes such as Connexions and the Urban Leadership Programme’.

The mutual development needs typically addressed by these partnerships include:

  • Leadership of self and others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The capacity to Influence and negotiate
  • Creative use of conflict

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