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Our work is based on meeting people where they are and supporting them to grow their own effectiveness in interacting with the changing world around them. This may mean leading and influencing others, it may be in engineering practical solutions to technical and structural problems.

Whatever the area of intervention the key lies not in telling people what they should do or simply importing expertise or solutions but in building the capacity, ownership and commitment of the people involved in delivering the change or the solutions. Each intervention is designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We avoid the ‘pastry cutter’ approach to interventions - the fact that something worked well in one setting does not mean it will work that way in others.

We value the learning processes as much as the lessons we learn. This approach requires us to confront the beliefs, values and assumptions we hold (often without awareness) and challenges the ‘knee-jerk’ reactions that these produce.

In practice our work is characterised by:
   –  An acceptance of mistakes as a valuable and essential part of learning (breaking down the culture of blame).

   –  Inclusive processes – where dialogue, exploration and a climate of mutual respect prevail.

   –  Empowerment – building the capacity of individuals and groups to articulate and understand the problems they face, identify effective solutions and develop sustainable responses.

   –  A growing sense of personal and mutual responsibility that leads to greater transparency and accountability.

Mango Communities CIC