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'Mango have done some outstanding work for us at a senior management level over the past few years helping us manage rapid change and organisational growth.

They worked hard to know us and build trusting relationships, essential for buy-in at this level.

Their tools were practical and focused on results and have made a real difference to our performance as a leadership team.

I would give an unqualified recommendation.’
Chris  Bain
Director, CAFOD

‘Learning and change are often two of the hardest things to undertake as an organisation.  Mango Communities helped us tackle both these issues when they reviewed our humanitarian work in 2005/06. 
This lead to a radically re-strengthened organisation, embracing  the changes  needed to enable more effective emergency response and taking full ownership of its global humanitarian work’.
Matthew Carter
Head of Humanitarian Support, CAFOD

‘KRCT and Mango have been working in a close partnership since 2003. The professional support and inputs from Mango have greatly contributed to the institutional development of KRCT and enhanced the efficiency of the management team.’
Feride Rushti
Director, Kosovo Centre for the Care and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims

‘Working with Mango has opened my eyes to a key aspect of social development: if you want others to change, you need to be prepared to change yourself.’
Marianne Bo Paludan
Program Manager, Save the Children, Denmark

‘My first meeting with Mango was a few years back in a training setting on organisational change. When I look back the reflective room which was created and the very competent coaching had a significant impact on my practice.

Later Mango worked with our partners in Ethiopia and it is fair to say that also there the impact is significant. Mango has shown how to bridge from us as a Danish NGO to our partners in the developing countries in a way which creates a way forward and also appreciates were we come from’.
Louise Okon Willie
Project Coordinator, AC International Child Support, Denmark

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