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Simon Linssen

Simon has worked for 16 years as a consultant to organisations, bringing plain and honest dialogue to a field that is full of impressive but sometimes confusing presentation.

He has enjoyed great conversations, challenges and partnerships in a variety of private and public bodies at the grand level of organisational transformation and the equally significant point of one to one coaching. Simon's clients comment on his humanness, balance, his insightfulness and his sense of fun. He loves vision, integrity, humility and ordinary honest exchange. He tries to live all that himself and is usually on track. His 3 children are more thorough in their assessment.

Particular skill areas
Organisational and cultural change. Creating and bringing visions to life amongst lead teams. Leadership development at group or personal level. One-to-one coaching focusing on personal/leadership issues in business or on work/life balancing

Recent Clients
Tesco Retail; Tesco Telecoms; Tesco Personal Finance; Deloitte & Touche; GlaxoSmithKline and London Borough of Tower Hamlets Ideas Stores


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