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Jean-François Jodouin

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Jean-François Jodouin

Jean-François is fascinated by learning, change and creativity. He works with individuals and teams, in research and organisational contexts, to experiment with better ways of understanding, naming and realising goals together.  

Prior to joining Mango, JF was a co-founder and director of a London-based software and services company. With over 70 employees and annual revenues exceeding 4M€, the business was rated by the London Times among the 25 fastest-growing companies in the UK in 2004, and won a number of awards for software innovation and customer satisfaction.

Particular skill areas
JF is an excellent communicator.  One of his particular skills is in maintaining clarity of vision and facilitating the creation and delivery of change strategies in complex organisational systems.  JF also offers insightful business consulting, facilitation and skills training and coaching. He has technical expertise in information and knowledge management, IT systems and telecommunications technologies.

Recent Clients
VirginMedia / Ntl UK; Turk Telekom, Turkey; International Institute of Telecommunications, Canada; Unisys Austria; CAFOD, UK



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