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John Sabbage

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John Sabbage

John works as a respite carer for children with moderate to severe learning disabilities. He specialises in children diagnosed on the autistic spectrum (ASD) or with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), working with the children and their families.  He works with care organisations and individual carers on the design, implementation and management of inclusive care programs.

John also works as a profiler for individuals in organisations (as part of an organisational profiling process) using the Torbert / Cooks-Greuter developmental model.

Particular skills areas
Non-verbal communication, Active Family Constellation work, Non-Violent Communication, ego-development measurement and profiling. John is also a qualified business coach.

Recent Clients
National Autistic Society, Careforce Group plc, Ace Homecare Services, Stevenage Council, Harthill UK.

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