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Organisational Change Management
Mango helps leaders to refine and articulate their change agendas and to develop and implement whole organisation change programmes.  We facilitate processes of strategic planning, capacity development (see below), progress tracking, evaluation and review.

Reviewing & Building Capacity of Systems & People
Mango offers formal reviews of organisational systems, structures and learning needs and we design bespoke technical and learning programmes to meet the needs identified.  We encourage participants to recognise their existing capacity and their development edges and then to gain understanding, skills and the experience of new behaviours.

Group & Team Facilitation
We work with groups to map their areas of concern and to face into them with a balance of rigour and humanity.  We have found that an approach which is participatory and grounded in agreement at each stage of the process offers the best chance of actions being delivered and the sustainability of outcomes.

Coaching for Individuals
We offer both face to face and telephone coaching to explore and develop our clients’ motivation, beliefs, assumptions and practice. In our coaching we use tools, models and insights to help free the individual’s motivation into positive action. We work with staff at all levels of organisational systems.

Partnership Building
Mango supports new and established teams – within organisations and multi-agency partnerships – to understand what is important to each party and what the different perceptions of the their shared experience might be. Having developed a basis of mutual acceptance we work to achieve consensus on the team’s vision and to plan sustainable strategies for achieving it.

Working with conflict
We approach conflict as a creative energy that can be a force for positive change. In collaboration with the interested parties we create highly-structured programmes to support them to explor their tensions with confidence in the boundaries and rules of engagement. Mango also offers a mediation service.

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